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Looking for JJ - Anne Cassidy The protagonost of this book is Alice Tully, a seventeen-year-old girl living in England. But she has been Alice Tully only for the last six months of her life. Before she was Jennifer Jones, alias JJ, a girl who had killed her best friend at 10. But how could a ten-year-old girl kill another young girl?

Alice has now a normal life, but has always the feeling that she needs to hide. Because the journalists are always looking for her, trying to discover where she is. Because no one thinks she should be allowed to have a normal life after what she's done. Because inside, she will always be JJ, the young murderer.

This is a very powerful book which asks a lot of questions. Can people change over the years? Should a child committing a terrible act be allowed to re-enter society? And at which costs? This book shocks you and makes you think.