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Plan B - Jenny O'Connell I knew it was too good to be true. Only nine months. Forty weeks. Two hundred eighty-four days. If I wasn't so busy getting ready for the first day of my senior year, and I'd remember to buy the calculator required for my AP calculus class, I could have it down to the exact hour. The day I graduate from high school. Then a summer travelling around Europe with Taylor, where hopefully five years of conjugating French verbs would finally pay off.

The main character of Plan B by Jenny O' Connell, Vanessa Carlisle, has it all already figured out: she's going to ace through her senior year, spend a summer vacationing aroung Europe with her celebrity-obsessed best friend Taylor, then start college at Yale, which her boyfriend Patrick already attends.It hasn't occurred to Vanessa that things don't always go as planned.

As a matter of fact, Vanessa's plans start to go out of the window when she learns a mind-blogging truth: her father once had an affair with another woman, thus producing a child. Vaness has a half-brother. And he's none other than Reed Vaughn, one of the hottest and most popular actors of the moment. Reed wasn't contemplated in Vanessa's plans. And of course he's going to wreck her life...

I liked this book very much. The character of Vanessa is very much believable and likeable, and I could relate to her feelings very well. This is a quick, enjoyable read, which I'd recommend to lovers of the YA genre.