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The Fake Boyfriend Experiment - Stephanie Rowe I usually don't review self-published titles, because the grammar and spelling mistakes bug me to no end. But I actually liked this one.

Lily Gardner spent the summer practising piano instead of having fun. She's preparing for an important audition to enter a piano program, following her parents' wishes. She used to like playing piano very much, but now feels she'd rather do something else. So, her piano teacher arranges for her to play the keyboards in her nephew's rock band.

Lily immediately falls for the guy, Rafe - a tattooed bad boy with a kind heart. Unfortunately, he's already taken. Plus, Lily's friends pressure her into finding a boy to take her to the school semi-formal. In order to feel normal, Lily starts to tell lies - she teels her friends she's dating Rafe, and Rafe that she's dating a football player. At a certain point, of course, things go downhill, and Lily's lies are revealed.

I liked this book because I appreciate romances - I used to read almost nothing else a few years ago. True, the characters here don't have much depth to them. Lily's friends are really shallow - I'd ditch them without a secodn thought if I were in her shoes. Rafe is a nice guy, even though he's a bit of a womanizer - he was together with all the girls in his band! If I were Lily, I'd be afraid of him leaving me for a shiny new model after a while.

On the good side, the concert at the middle grade school when all of Lily's lies are revealed was a nice scene. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. We've all experienced at least one episode like that in our lives, but being the spectator is almost fun.

I'd recommend this book to lovers of YA romance and happy endings.

Cover attraction: so we have yet another girl-whose-face-can't-be-seen cover. I'm not a big fan of those. Plus, we have the extensively tattooed arms of the fake boyfriend in question (I seriously hope Rafe's tattooes are nothing like this, because I find them quite scary). As a whole, this cover doesn't make me go crazy, but it's not that bad, either.