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The Elite - Kiera Cass I was eagerly expecting the second installment in Kiera Cass's The Selection series. The first book ended in quite an abrupt manner, leaving us wondering about what will happen next. I liked The Elite, but maybe my expectations were too high, and I was slightly disappointed.

The Elite starts where the previous book left off. There are only six girls are left in the Selection for the next princess of Illea. America is in the program, but she ìs still wondering if the royal palace is the right place for her. She doesn't know if she really does love Prince Maxon, or if she'd prefer to marry her previous boyfriend, Aspen, who is now working as a security guard at the palace. She also doesn't know if she wants to become a princess, or if the role would be too much for her to bear. In return, Prince Maxon, who previously considered America his favourite, now is also considering a relationship with other girls. The rebels threatening the throne with their attacks are still out there, too.

The love triangle in this book was a bit frustrating for me. I don't like Aspen at all, even though he's less of a jerk than in The Selection. I guess we all know America will marry Prince Maxon in the end (otherwise, the story would have no point, in my opinion), so I'm not that anxious to read the final book in the series. Still, I find America's indecision over the two guys in her life a bit ridiculous at this point. On the other hand, I can understand her hesitation at accepting the role of princess. Anyway, this is a Cinderella sort of story, so I'm quite convinced she will become princess eventually. Sneaking around the palace in order to be with Aspen seems foolish and almost suicidal, though. I was almost convinced America would be discovered in Aspen's company during this book.Of course, it didn't happen.

In The Elite, we learn something more about the events that led the former United States to become a monarchy. What we don't learn more about is the rebels, and why they oppose the Selection so much. I guess there will be some revelations on this subject in the final book, but I would have rather had them sooner. I also wondered if America would join the rebels during the course of the storry. I know, it's an extreme plot point, but she's been rebellious from the start.

A prediction for the title of the final book in the series: as I was able to guess the title of The Elite, I'd guess the third book in the series will be titled The Choice.

Of course I'm going to read the next book in the series. I hope there's more romance in it, though.