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Playing Tyler - T. L. Costa E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

Tyler McCandless is aseventeen-year-old boy with AHDH, but won't take his medication because his older brother Brandon is in rehab for heroin abuse and Tyler has seen what drugs can do. Tyler's passion is playing videogames, so when his mentor Rick asks him to beta test a new flight simulation game, he's thrilled. If Tyler does well in this, he could be admitted to flight school, which is his dream. Then he discovers that the game has been designed by Ani, the legendary girl gamer. Tyler gets a crush on her and does everything to be with her. However, the flight simulation missions starts to get a little to real, and Tyler and Ani wonder if there's more to the game than it seems.

I liked this book. The first half is more romance and drama than anything, then things start to pick up and the pace quickens. Tyler's crush on Ani is definitely insta-love, but I wasnì't annoyed by it, not so much anyway. Tyler's assumption that girl gamers are so rare and extraordinary is a bit insulting, however.

Tyler's voice is conveyed very well through run-on sentences without commas or other punctuation. It gets a bit tiring to read after a while, though.