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The Mourning Hours - Paula Treick DeBoard E-galley received from Netgalley for review

Kirsten Hammarstrom is coming back to her hometown after many years of absence. She was just a nine-year-old girl when Stacy Lemke, her older brother's girlfriend, went missing. Johnny, Kirsten's brother and the school wrestling champion, was the last person to see her alive in a cold, snowy night. He's a suspect in Kirsten's murder investigation, after various searches fail to find her. The Hammarstrom family soon find themselves under close scrutiny and suspect.

Now Kirsten and her siblings come home to deal with family matters and something will bring them to the solution of the mystery.

I liked this book, even though I was able to anticipate the ending. Not that it was particularly predictable; it was just a matter of character use - if a character is mentioned that has no real role in the whole book, they must play a part in the book's conclusion. Most of the story flows as a long flash-back, retelling Kirsten's story from the summer when Johnny and Stacy get together. She meets Stacy first and almost idolizes her. Then, after she and Johnny become a couple, Kirsten realizes that everything is not as good as it seems.

This was a slow-paced mystery. I liked it, even though it took quite a number of pages for the story to grab me.