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A Bad Day For Voodoo

A Bad Day For Voodoo - Jeff Strand E-galley received from Netgalley for review.

But we needed a non-dumb person involved. Left on our own, Adam and I would just bumble our way rtight into prison. Kelley would help us find the elements of the situation that we'd overlooked, the things that might lead the cops right to my front door.

Tyler is mad when his teacher, Mr Click, gives him an F on his final wrongfully accusing him of cheating. To get revenge, Adam gives him a voodoo doll of the teacher and Tyler stabs it in the leg with a pin during lesson. They're both shocked when Mr Clock's leg explodes in spurts of blood.

To ensure that Tyler won't report him to the police, Adam gets himself a second voodoo doll, this time of Tyler himself. While Adam, Tyler, and his girlfriend Kelley try to get themselves out of that mess, they are robbed of Adam's car... with the doll inside. Will Tyler make it out of it in one piece?

I'm probably not the target readership for this book, which is aimed at teenage boys. Yet, I enjoyed it - more the humour than the action, to be truthful. We actually do know that Tyler will make it out of the affair alive (otherwise - how could he be writing a book about it?), but it's still a fun book. A cartwheel ride of one night between car thieves, ferocious dogs, zombies, anxious parents, and mad religious people.

The author uses a variety of narrative tecniques to keep the storytelling fresh and engaging. It's a rush to the end of the book, to see how everything wraps up nicely. My favourite character was Kelley - brave, smart and sarcastic with a cool head. She's the brain of the group, while Adam is a bit of the un-brain.

This is a goodbook for younger male readers, probably even for reluctant readers.

Cover attraction: obviously this is made to attract male readers. I suppose it does the job.