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Andi's War

Andi's War - Billi Rosen I first read Andi's War by Billi Rosen when I was younger, probably around 12. It's a very sad story, but also poetically written. I like this book very much. I've recently discovered it is the first in a trilogy, although I never read the following books, and it works very well as a stand-alone. (Curious side note: the Italian title is actually "Anna's War". Andi is short for Antigone. I guess young Italian readers would consider "Andi" a name for a boy).

Andi's War is set on the Greek island of Corfu, close after the end of WWII. Foreign soldiers have left Greece, and it would seem people are trying to adjust to living in peace. However, former Communist partisans are fighting against loyalist forces to gain control of the country. Thirteen-year-old Andi is living with her younger brother Paul at her grandma's house, while her parents, who are involved with the Communist side, hide in the mountains. Andi fights her own was against the son of the local police chief and his gang of bullies.

I liked this novel because it really gave me a feel of what it meant to live in the 1940s after a war, yet still very much inside a war - civil war, this time. At the end of the novel, Andi is living in Sweden with her father, in exile. She has lost a big part of her family to the war, yet she is a resilient girl who wants to go on living. Definitely recommended reading. I think I will go on and request a copy of the second book in the series, A Swallow in Winter, through inter-library loan. Unfortunately, the third book, The Other Side of the Mountain, has never been published in Italy.