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A Really Awesome Mess - Trish Cook, Brendan Halpin E-galley received from Netgalley for review.

"What kind of a mess thinks being in a therapy school is better than actually living?"
"A really awesome mess".

Heartland Academy is a therapy school for problematic teenagers. Justin is sent there after his parents divorce and his depression prompted him to attempt suicide. Emmy, on the other hand, has issues with being adopted and suffers from a eating disorder.

Emmy and Justin meet at Heartland Academy and start a friendship. They spend their days under constant supervision, trying to avoid food (Emmy) and having to follow a group for sex-obsessed boys (Justin). But they also meet in Anger Management, where they get together with an assorted group of misfits. A girl who is angry with the whole world; another who won't speak; a guy obsessed with video games; and another who lies about everything and invents a new identity for himself. Together, they will try to fight the system, while also working through their issues and becoming more healthy.

Told in the alternating point of views of Justin and Emmy, A Really Awesome Mess is a very amusing read. However, I feel that eating disorders are not treated as seriously as they should. All the kids constantly make fun of Emmy because of her anorexic behaviour. Justin tells her she will never attract a guy because she has no boobs or ass. Justin's suicide attempt, too, is regarded very lightly, as if it were a joke. It wasn't. It never is.

Apart from that, it was quite an enjoyable read.