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Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown Calder White lives in the waters of Lake Superior; he's the only male in a family of killer mermaids. He and his three sisters live by preying unsuspecting humans and depriving them or their positive energy. They usually hunt at random, but now they're seeking revenge from the man they blame for their mother's death, Jason Hancock.

Hancock is coming back to leave with his family near Lake Superior after leaving when he was just a child. Now he has two daughter, Lily and Sophie. To lure him o the waters, Calder decides to approach Lily Hancock and they start a friendship. Lily, however, is smart and soon realizes that there's soemthing strange in Calder. She thinks he's one of those monster her grandfather was raving about. As Calder starts falling in love with Lily, his sisters grow impatient, and force him to choose between revenge and the girl he loves.

I usually avoid books about mermaids, but this sounded interesting. You don't often find a merman. The mermaids in this book are nothing pretty. Yes, they are attractive, but also dangerous, vindictive monsters. They want revenge from Lily's father because of something his father did. While Calder likes to spend winter in warm countries, he is compelled to reunite with his sisters once spring comes.

Calder's sisters are the most sinister beings in this book. He seems to have human feelings, but they (mostly) don't. They're quite scary. Maris, Tallulah, and Pavati seduce guys easily and take their emotions to feed. The most bent on revenge seems to be Maris, who is also the family leader. She has promides Calder that after they get revenge, she will free him from their bond and he won't be forced to come back to them every year if he doesn't want to.

Lily and Calder's relationship develops quickly, but not insta-love-like. They get some time to know each other. I also liked that Lily is able to guess what Calder is. She's not like other YA heroines who are too stupid to live. On the other hand, she isn't given any outstanding feature. Yes, she likes dressing extravagantly, reading and writing poetry, and stalkerish boys, but there doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary in her.

All in all, this book was okay, but I'm not sure I want to keep reading the next book(s) in the series.