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I'm with Stupid - Elaine Szewczyk No matter how shallow and superficial I am, no matter how many dumb things I do or say - and it happens all the time - I at least understand my place in life: I am here to make fun of the world. It's usually no more complicated than that.

I won I'm With Stupid by Elaine Szewczyk from a book giveaway hosted by The Misadventures of a Single City Chick. This book has been a real pleasure to read; it made me roll on the floor laughing, it's so funny.

The main character, Kas, is a twenty-something girl who works at a literary agency (why do all the protagonists in chick-lit novels work in the publishing industry? I want a job there, too!) She goes on holiday in South Africa with her best friends, Max and Libby. There, she meet a super-handsome ranger named William and has a fling with him. She goes back home to New York believing she is never to see William again.

But she's wrong: he emails her, and he seems... different. Well, let's say he's not the brightest pencil in the bunch. After a series of comical misunderstandings, William reaches Kas in New York, determined to conquer the Big Apple and become a writer. The adventures for Kas have just begun...

This book made me laugh, laugh, laugh. It's a refreshing take on chick-lit, in which the main character isn't going to find her true love, but at least she (and we) gets a couple of laughs. Id recommend it: it's so funny you won't be able to put it down!