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Perfect on Paper: The (MIS)Adventures of Waverly Bryson - Maria Murnane "I still can't believe this is happening." I leaned toward my reflection in the standing full-lenght mirror in my living room and knocked a piece of fuzz off my long white dress. Then I turned towards my friends McKenna and Andie, who were sitting on the sofa across the room. "Seriously, can you two believe I'm really getting married?"

Author Maria Murnane graciously agreed to send me a copy of her novel Perfect on Paper, for review. So here I am, writing up my review. This is a very entertainign, amusing novel. A good summer read.

Waverly Bryson, the main character in Perfect on Paper, is about to get married to her fiancèe, when he suddenly dumps her only a couple of weeks before the ceremony. Hurt and bewildered, Waverly now wonders if her life is going to turn out the way she thinks it should be. Nothing in her life seems so perfect anymore. Her perfect fiancèe has called off the wedding. Her perfect job in sports PR doesn't seem so high-powered and fun anymore. And her relationship from her dad is far from perfect.

Perfect on Paper is the amusing tale of Waverly's attempts to steer back her life where she thinks it belogs, on the path towards success. What does the future has in store for her? Will she finally find her perfect match?

I found this novel highly readable and funny. I'd recommend to those who want a shiny, amusing tale to read in the summer. Or in the autumn, why not.