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Peaches - Jodi Lynn Anderson Every spring since she had turned thirteen had started the same way for Murphy MacGowen. She started feeling restelss at the very same time crocuses started busting out of their buds every year. She's start to want to bust out of her skin too, into a skin that lived, say, in New York, or Paris, or Buenos Aires, anyplace that wasn't Bridgewater, Georgia.

I picked up the Italian translation of Peaches by Jodi Lynn Anderson from the kids section of the library. It sounded like a promising YA book, the kind that I like to read lately. It's the story of three girls very different from each other, who bond together during the summer.

Leeda is beautiful and rich, but feels she will always be second best to her older sister. Her cousin Birdie is plump and insecure and has always lived in a peach orchard. Murphy is a straight-A student and attractive girl with a penchant for mischief and getting into trouble. The three girls end up working together at the peach orchard owned by Birdie's father, which is on the verge of ruin. During the space of a summer, the three girls will become friends and share secrets with each other.

This is an okay book, but I almost expected something better from it. Instead, I found it a bit boring--almost nothing ever happens in the book. Anyway, it was a pleasant reading experience, I guess.