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Thumped - Megan McCafferty Here it is, the much anticipated sequel to Bumped. I couldn't wait to read it when I learned it was coming out!

It's been 35 weeks since Megan and Harmony separated, and now they're famous, because they're both pregnant with twins, and about to deliver on the same date!

Harmony has returned to Goodside and settled in married life with Ram, trying to fit back into her community. Her people, however, seem to distrust her, and she can't stop thinking about Jondoe. On the other hand, Melody is very busy appearing everywhere with Jondoe, with whom she supposedly fell helplessly in love, and bringing forth her brand. Zen has had a growth spurth and offers to become pro, which he won't accept. Also, Ventura Vida, Melody's long-time rival, keeps hitting on him, making Melody jealous.

While their adoring fans can't wait for the "Double Double Due Date", the day when Melody and Harmony are supposed to give birth, the two girls need to decide how they can solve the mess they got into, and the only way might be finally telling the truth.

All reviews for Thumped point out that this book is so much better than the first one. I agree, it really is better. I think it's mainly because once you get to the second book, you already know the world and the slang, so it's easier to understand what's happening (while at the beginning of Bumped you feel a bit disoriented). There's also a lot more action here than in the previous book, and things happen quickly. Megan McCafferty doesn't waste pages at the beginning to retell what happened before, so it's a good thing to read this book straight after the first.

The ending was very appropriate, although bittersweet. I loved the last scene with Melody and Zen. Zen has been my favourite character in the series. He's funny, sweet, and opinionated. But I also loved Megan for standing up to him and declaring she doesn't want to be the spokeswoman for the right to use condoms. I also loved it that he finally got tall (handsome, he already was). Too bad Melody can't have his babies.

I'd recommend this book (well, the whole series) to lovers of chick-lit who are looking for something with a little more substance. The dystopian element doesn't play a big part in the series, so you can read this even if you're not afan of the genre. (And no, I didn't know what the title meant. After reading the book, I had to resort to UrbanDictionary.com)

Cover attraction: pretty and delicate. It suggests the idea of birth. I love the baby blue background.