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He's So Not Worth It - Kieran Scott The previous book in the series, She' So Dead To Us, ended with a pretty big cliffhanger. Ally's father is back to town and would like to get his family back. His wife and daughter aren't so sure about it. Plus, Ally broke up with Jake over his part in the video shown by Shannen at her party.

Now Ally is expected to go with her mother, her boyfriend Gray Nathanson and his daughter Quinn to the Nathansons' beach house in Jersey Shore. Ally is not so excited at the prospect to spend two months with the Cresties and would like to stay in town with her father. But she quickly changes her mind when she finds out that Jake is staying in town, and is working at the coffee shop with her dad.

Now Ally is at the beach, but still would like to avoid the Cresties; so she befriends a group of local guys, and has a flirt with handsome surfer Connor. Jake is in town, grounded because of his not-so-good school grades. His mother forces him to find a summer job and attend a college class to get his schoolwork up to par. He gets Chloe to go with him, and the two spend an awful lot of time together. Yeah, because Chloe is in town, too; she doesn't want to face either Hammond or Shannen.

It was a good book, although I think I enjoyed the first one in the series more. The best feature were Annie's field journal observations; she uses a totally scientific approach and jargon to report gossip she witnessed. Her aim is to write a book on the Cresties, after all. Annie is one of my favourite characters in the book, and provides much-needed comic relief.

I didn't like Connor and his posse very much. He looked a tool to me right from the first time Ally met him. On the other hand, Jake didn't act so good either, acting all jealous when he and Ally aren't together and always hanging out with Chloe. Still, I guess he's trying, and redeems himself in the end.

Oh, and I should mention this book ends in the mother of all evil cliffhangers. A cliffhanger so big you'll be left gaping and thinking, "What??" For this reason, I'd recommend reading this book with the third one close to you. I understand the cliffhanger was necessary to create anticipation, and otherwise I probably wouldn't have felt the need to finish the series. It's a pretty big development. Still, it's seriously evil to leave your readers hanging like that.

I'd recommend this book to those who want some light reading, maybe for the beach or so.

Cover attraction: I like it, especially the title font. Appropriate for a chick-lit YA book. I love the light blue background.