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This Is So Not Happening - Kieran Scott So here it is, the much-awaited conclusion to the He's So/She's So trilogy by Kieran Scott with the latest adventures of Jake and Ally. Please don't read this post if you haven't read the second book and are interested in the series, because there's no way I can even summarize the plot without including huge spoilers.

He's So Not Worth It ends with the big revelation that Chloe is pregnant, and Jake's the father. Just when Ally and Jake had finally got back together. Both Chloe and Jake are very confused and don't know what to do, but in the end they resolve to tell their parents. Ally decides to be mature about the whole thing and accept the situation, even though some people criticize her for that, especially Hammond. Things however, are not easy for her when Jake starts standing her up to take Chloe to doctor's appointments. Moreover, Ally's mother is getting married to Gray and Ally has a wedding speech to write.

As Chloe's pregnancy goes on, secrets come out and Ally is not sure that she really knows Jake any more. Will they be together in the end? What with college applications? What with Chloe's baby?

First of all, let me tell you that I think this is the best novel in the series. Both main characters have had to grow up so much - Jake especially in the second book, and now Ally, who needs to accept that her boyfriend is the father of another girl's baby and that her mother is divorcing her father to marry another man.
I'm proud of Ally in this book; she shows she's very grown-up.

As for Chloe's baby... well, I actually didn't believe for a second Jake really was the father. What about Will going in and out of Chloe's bedroom all the summer? So the disclosing of the supposedly big secret about halfway of the book was no surprise for me (and, I suspect, for no reader at all). Still, it made for an interesting read. There's a lot of emotions in this book. I was very proud of Ally for breaking up with Jake when he started being such a jerk to Chloe, and very proud of Jake for winning Ally back and getting into college.

The ending was maybe a little too perfect to sound true. I mean, of all the collegesout there, they both get accepted by the same one? Talk about being lucky. What are the chances of that happening in real life? Considering that Ally had a choice, but Jake miraculously got only into that school.

I'd recommend this book to lovers of contemporary YA and chick-lit. If you read the second book and don't want to give this one a try, well, I guess you really hated the series and there's no point in me trying to convince you.

Cover attraction: I like the blue lockers in the background, as well as the whole feel of it. Good choice, though not especially remarkable. But anyway, I guess you don't pick up the third book in a trilogy just because you like the cover.