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Zombie - J.R. Angelella E-galley receive dfrom Netgalley for review.

I was intrigued by this book I found on Netgalley. I thought it was going to be a zombie story, but it actually wasn't. All zombies are in the main character's imagination, although there's plenty of people who behave like zombies.

Jeremy Narker is a freshman at Byron Hall Catholic School for Boys, even though he isn't Catholic. His mum is, but now she's a pill addict, has left his father and now lives with another man. Jeremy's older brother is a sex addict. And his father, a Vietnam veteran and a real estate agent, disappears every night and won't tell where he's going. Jeremy found a mysterious homemade video in his studio, titled "Sublimation" and featuring a man tied to a hospital bed, being prepared for surgery.

Jeremy is a big fan of zombie movies and lives his life according to the Zombie Survival Codes. He likes to play a game with his father, in which they challenge each other to imagine a way out of zombie-infested scenarios. Little does he know that he'll have to rely on these codes for survival now.

This book was different from what I expected. There is nothing paranormal in it. It's the coming of age story of a boy who tries to cope with the ruins of his family, the bullying at school, and the discovery of girls. I liked the character of Aimee; she has spunk and a witty personality. I don't understand why Jeremy discovering one of his school friends is gay is such a big deal, or why it was even in the novel, since it has no plot relevance at all.

The last part I didn't like. I was too grossed out. I'm not sure how well it ties with the rest of the story, and it almost felt like the author wanted to give it a bit more "action". I would've gladly made without.

Anyway, it was a good book. I think it could be a good book for boys and zombie movies aficionados.

Cover attraction: I like it. It has a sort of childish feel that somehow works for the novel.