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Caring Is Creepy - David Zimmerman This is quite a creepy book. Some reviewers list is as young adult, but I don't think it is. Not at all. Some pages made my skin crawl.

Fifteen-year-old Lynn Marie is going though a difficult summer. Her mother is almost never around because she works long hours as a nurse; her mother's boyfriends seems involved in some drug-dealing business; and her best friend just got an Internet connection. Together, the two girls build different fake personas to chat with men and "mess with their heads". Until, one day, Lynn tells her real name to a guy named Logan.

Logan is a 25-year-old soldier serving at a nearby base. He has been in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD, although we learn it only later. He and Lynn arrange to meet. Then he decides to run away from the army and hide in Lynn's closet. Things just go downhill from there. Soon, Lynn is holding Logan prisoner. Plus, the local drug lords are targeting Lynn and her mother.

This is a very creepy book, and the plot developed in a way I would've never imagined. As soon as Logan was introduced, my brain started to scream, "Statutory rape!", but between Logan and Lynn I'd say Lynn has the upper hand. And not only because he's delirious and hiding naked in a closet. As soon as Lynn made the Summer of My German Soldier reference, I knew things weren't going to end well for Logan. I can't remember the book very well, but I do recall there is no happy ending.

Still, I'd have to argue on Lynn's sanity. Is she crazy? Meeting a strange man for the first time in a hidden place, and going with him on a ride on his car? Taking him into his house? Keeping him prisoner? And yeah, when a strange man with bad intentions comes to her house, why doesn't she call the police immediately? Or even her mum?

I don't know if I enjoyed this book. I'm not sure. Half of the time I felt my skin crawling. If you like that and want to be surprised, this book is for you.

Cover attraction: I like it. It's creepy, like the book. Job well done.