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The Truth About You and Me - Amanda Grace, Mandy Hubbard E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

The Truth About You & Me is the story of the romance between Madelyn, a sixteen-year-old girl, and her 26-year-old college professor. Madelyn is very smart and academically driven, pushed by her parents who want her to succeed. So she's taking lessons at the local college and earning credits for both her diploma and college degree. In her Biology course she meets the teacher, Bennet, and is love at first sight. He thinks she's nineteen, and she never sets him straight. They bond after meeting accidentally on a hike, then start to spend time together at his house. They seem to have a real connection, but soon the truth will come out.

I read this book in one sitting, in a couple of hours. It flows very easily. The narration is made of two long letters that Madelyn writes to Bennet after things are over between them. At first, she planned to submit them to the police, so that they will know he is innocent. However, he never actually reads them.

It took some suspension of disbelief to accept that a 26-year-old could fall in love so easily with a girl ten years his junior, even though he believes her to be older. Ten years are quite the age difference, and life experiences vary a lot. In the state of Washington, where the story is set, the age of consent is sixteen, so the relationship between Madelyn and Bennet could be legal - if he weren't her teacher. For this reason, he is adamant that they wait until the course is over before acting on their feelings. In the meantime, they just hang out and talk.

I liked this book. The ending was bittersweet and totally right. Amanda Grace is a pseudonym for author Mandy Hubbard. Since she's already a young adult writer, I wonder why the need for a nom de plume?