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Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend - Louise Rozett E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

Rose Zarelli is now a sophomore. She wants to be different this year - Rose 2.0, which means finding her thing, being more confident, and speaking her mind with Jamie Forta, her almost-boyfriend. She manages it, up to a point. She decides she wants to sing and tries aout for the school musical, but gets only a part in the chorus. She's going to therapy with her mum, who wants her to pull down the website she made for her dad. She's still estranged from her brother, who is in college and doing drugs. Moreover, she doesn't know where she stands with Jamie, as he still hangs out with Regina, even though she's dating another guy now.

I liked the first book in this series; I found it very powerful. This second installment is a bit weaker and tends to drag on. Still a good read, though. Rose is still learning new words and using them at the start of each chapter, something I really like. The most interesting part fo the book was finally learning more about Regina and her family. She has a younger brother, Conrad, who is harassed by his fellow swim team members until he quits. He has a developed fashion sense and is rumoured to be gay. Regina, on the other hand, is a fascinating character. I'd like to hear her speak more about her thoughts and feelings, especially about how she got together with Jamie and how she manages to get herself in so many abusive relationships.

As for Rose's other friends, Tracy is busy with her fashion blog and later gets a new boyfriend (who is totally too old for her); Stephanie has come home from the summer looking very, very pretty; and Robert has a new girlfriend, the sweet and beautiful Holly Taylor, talented singer and daughter to a Hollywood movie actor.

The ending of the book was quite dramatic, even though I was almost expecting it to be so. As a result, things between Jamie and Rose are damaged. Who knows if they'll get back together. I think they will, but no sooner than the end of the third book (or maybe even the fourth. How long is this sereis going to be? Four books, until Rose graduates?) They both have some growing up to do before they can really be together.

I'm going to keep reading this series. Too bad I'll have to wait another full year for the next book, though.