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Belonging - Karen Ann Hopkins E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

Belonging is the second book in the Temptation series, telling the love story between Rose and Noah. Noah is Amish, while Rose isn't. At the end of the first book, Rose decides to leave her family behind and join the Amish community, so that she can be with Noah. I found that to be an incredibly rash and stupid decision. Why would you throw away your education and your future, so that you could do house chores the old-fashioned way? If Noah really loved Rose, he would leave the Amish to be with her. I'm still hoping this will happen at the end of the series; otherwise, I'f be very disappointed.

In Belonging, Rose has just joined the Amish community and now lives with the Hershberger family. She is going through a trial period and learning about the Amish way of life, while the ministers decide if she really is worthy of joining the community. At first, Rose is not allowed to court Noah and the two of them are kept separate. Later on, however, she takes the vows and is officially paired with Noah. She also makes friends among the other girls and hangs out with them. She has two enemies, though - one is Levi, who is a sort of predator; the other is Ella, who was supposed to become Noah's wife.

During this period, Rose is not really allowed to hang out with her family. Her father, who originally thought she would run straight home very quickly, does not agree with her decision, and forcibly removes her from the Hershberger's, sending Rose to live with her aount in Cincinnati. Here, after being told that Noah doesn't want anything to do with her any longer, she starts dating Hunter, a friend of her brother's who is smitten with her. I like Hunter very much and wish he could be Rose's boyfriend instead of Noah - he' much more suited to her. Alas, it looks like their romance is not meant to be.

Rose and Noah go through some rollercoasters during this novel. The ending is quite a cliffhanger, which I wont't discuss here to avoid spoilers. Let's just say it's bound to get things happening very quickly, forcing Rose and Noah to get married quickly. I'm now very curious about how the story will go on. Too bad we'll have to wait another year before the third book comes out. Anyway, I just can't picture Rose living happily among the Amish, so I'm hoping she will come to her senses and decide to live in the 21st century. Noah could adjust to modern life very easily, I think.