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True - Erin McCarthy I've read a few books in the so-called "new adult" genre, and they all seem to entail a virgin (or unexperienced) college girl meeting a bad-boy and falling head over heels in love. Both main characters are usually "damaged" in some way, but they manage to "heal" by being together. True follows this scheme, too, so it is not very original in plot or characterization.

Rory Macintosh is a 20-year-old pre-med student. Learning she is still a virgin, her roommates decide to set her up with bad-boy Tyler, so that Rory can get some experience. What Rory's friends wouldn't expect is that Rory and Tyler seem to share a connection. Soon, they are studying together, and Rory is cooking dinner for Tyler's brothers (Tyler's mother is a drug addict and he has to take care of his two younger brothers). Will Rory and Tyler's romance manage to last, or asre they too different to stay together?

All in all, I liked this book. Rory seems like a tougher heroine than most, and Tyler is a bit different from typical bad boys in similar books, what with his love of literature and taking care of his younger brothers. What I really didn't like was Rory's friends offering to pay Tyler for him to have sex with Rory. I mean... what was up with that? If Rory is minimally attractive, there would be no need to pay a guy to have sex with her. Where was the need for money? If I had been in Rory's shoes, I would have been very upset to find out about that. I'd be deeply offended that my friends considered me so hideous I couldn't get a guy to sleep with me. Anyway, I didn't really care for Rory's friends. They're too stereotypical, not fully fleshed out or characterized. I think the author wants to make a series out of this group of friends, and the next book is going to be centered on Rory's friend Jessica and Tyler's older brother, Riley. I'm not sure I want to read it, even though Riley seems like an interesting character.

I'd recommend True to fans of romance novels set in college.