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The Girl in the Clockwork Collar - Kady Cross The Girl in the Clockwork Collar is the second installment in the Steampunk Chronicles series. It follows Finley, Griffin, Sam, and Emily as they travel from London to New York to learn more about their friend Jasper's inprisonment. They soon learn that he is not in prison, but has been taken prisoner by outlaw Reno Dalton and forced to do his bidding. The girl in the clockwork collar mentioned in the title is Jasper's love interest, Mei, whom Dalton threatens to kill if Jasper doesn't obey.

I liked this book, although I think it's a bit weaker than the previous one. There is no Jack Dandy, for starters, and you can feel his absence. Griffin and Finley spend the whole time arguing, and Sam and Emily play a very small role in this. The story is good, anyway. I didn't like Mei very much from the start, so I wasn't upset by what happened to her. My heart broke for Jasper, though.

I'm curious about what will happen next on this series. I know the third book is focused on Emily, so I guess there will be more Sam/Emily romance (even though a little love triangle with Jasper thrown in the middle wouldn't be too bad, I suppose). I wonder if Griffin and Finley will get married in the end. Even though Griffin states more than once that he's way too young to tie the knot.

I'll be reading an e-galley of The Girl with the Iron Touch next.