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The S-Word - Chelsea Pitcher E-galley receined through Netgalley for review.

After she was caught in bed with her best friend's boyfriend on prom night, Lizzie was shunned by her friend Angie and by the whole school. Graffiti with the word "slut" started appearing ove her locker, her clothes, and all her things. Then she could bear it no longer and committed suicide. Now her former friend Angie wants to know who tormented Lizzie and starts to investigate. But the words "suicide slut" are now written all over the school, and they're in Lizzie's own handwriting. Plus, pages of her diary turn up in photocophy in people's lockers. As Angie goes on in her investigation, she feels increasingly guilty over what she did to Lizzie herself.

I liked this book; it was very engaging and fast-paced. You are driven to read it all in one setting, if possible. Angie goes through the most likely suspects: the cheerleader captain, who hated Lizzie; her two minions, who did her bidding; the drama enthusiast from whom Lizzie took the lead in the school play; the guy in the play who wears dresses and is bullied by the football team; and her own ex boyfriend, who slept with Lizzie after taking Angie to the prom. As she goes on with her quest, she finds out that Lizzie had been keeping quite a few secrets from her.

The pages taken from Lizzie's diary make for a very compelling read. You wonder along with Angie about the solution to her mystery. And you won't expect the outcome, I can assure you.