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Scrap - Emory Sharplin E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

Twelve-year-old Tucker is an orphan living on the streets in the town of Hellip and working for a baker. She lives with her friends Ash and Kally and other orphans. Until the day a mysterious stranger named Vivian comes to take Tucker away, claiming she's an old friend of Tucker'smother, even though she's way too young for that.It's the start of a great adventure that could change the life of the entire kingdom.

I found this book a nice fantasy novel, with a fairy tale quality. However, it's slightly predictable - I could see the "big revelation" coming right from the start. Tucker is not always a very likeable heroine; sometimes she got on my nerves. I would have wanted to see more of her friends Ash and Kally, who disappear right at the beginning of the book. I kept hoping for them to reappear; maybe they will in the next books of the series.

Yeah, because this is a series; I'm assuming it's a trilogy. I didn't know this when I started the book. I thought it was going to be a stand-alone. This wouldn't really bother me if the first book had some sort of neat ending, but on the contrary it's very abrupt. I was annoyed by this. I don't know if I want to read the next book in the series.