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The Saints - Lex Thomas E-galley received through Netgalley for review.

The Saints is the second installment in the Quarantine series. It starts right where the previous book ended. David is gone from the school. McKinley HighSchool is still on military quarantine. One day the doors open, but it's not to let students out. Instead, a new group of students walk in. They went to a private school in the area, are nicknamed the Saints and led by the charismatic Gates. They immediately start to gain popularity among other students. In the meantime, things are tough for the Loners. David is no longer there, and they've lost many members in an accident. People start to leave and join other groups, until it's only Will and Lucy.

I found this to be a good second book in the series. David is gone, so the narration focuses on Will and Lucy, as well as the new boy, Gates. Will and Lucy have the chance to grow as characters and their relationship goes through some changes. Gates is a very interesting character, and ot's not long before he starts to appear unhinged. The varisity leader, Sam, gets what he deserves. And is the hog in the book a reference to The Lord of the Flies?

The final cliffhanger is somewhat evil (even though I totally knew it!), and I can't believe we have to wait another full year before the third book comes out - I need it now. Sigh.