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The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker The main character in The Age of Miracles is Julia, a eleven-year-old girl who lives with her parents in California. She has a quiet life revolving around schhol, piano lessons, and her best friend, Hanna. However, one day people notice that the earth's rotation is slowing down, and the days are getting longer and longer. At first, it's just minutes, but then it's hours. Soon, clock time is no longer reflecting real time. This causes a variety of problems and much alarm in the population, even though people try to go on with their lives as usual. Many people move away. Julia has a crush on Seth Moreno, a boy from her school who recently lost his mother. They slowly become friends.

I liked this book, but think it could have been much more. The premises are very good - the rotation of the earth slowing down, a prelude to disasters - but then nothing dramatic happens. The worst things that happens is that Julia and her friend Hanna grow apart. The romance between Julia and Seth is sweet. I expected better, since I had read very good reviews.