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The Circle (The Engelsfors Trilogy, #1) - Sara Bergmark Elfgren, Mats Strandberg In the small Swedish town of Engelsford, high school student Elias Malmgren commits suicide in the school toilets. The following night, a blood-red moon appears in the sky. Minoo is drawn by an irresistible force to an abandoned park just outside town. There she meets five of her classmates (Linnèa, Rebecka, Vanessa, Anna-Karin, and Ida), who felt the same force. The school janitor reveals them that they are the Chosen Ones and are destined to fight the evil in school. Soon each girl develop her own paranormal power. They are all very different from each other and have difficulties getting along, but they need to fight together to overcome the evil force that is threatening their lives.

I found this to be a fast-paced, engaging thriller. I can't wait to read the next book in the series (the third and final book is coming out next autumn in Swedish). The main characters have very different personalities. Minoo is smart and a straight-A student; Linnèa is a "emo" girl who lives on her own and always wears black; Rebecka is the sweet-temepered one; Vanessa is trying desperately to stay popular; Anna-Karin is often bullied; and Ida is a bully. Nevertheless, they need to overcome their differences if they want to save themselves and their school. They soon find out that Elias's death was not a suicide.

This book has a satisfying ending, but we know evil is still lurking in the dark. I have big expectations from the next book in the series, Fire.