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The Vanished - Sarah Dalton Warning: this review contains spoiler for the first book in the series, The Blemished.

Mina and her friends are now safe in the Compound, a Clan settlement beyond the Scottish border. The peopel living there are called the Vanished, because they life outside law and society. There, children are still born naturally, and people live by farming and raising cattle.

Mina is reunited with her father. She discovers why he abandoned her: he was trying to reunite kids with different powers, similar to her own. Beside her and Daniel, there are other three children with extraordinary power: Mike, who can smell emotions; Kitty, who tracks people by their taste; and Hiro, who can read minds.But life in Scotland is not as idylliac as it might seem. Mina soon starts to suspect that something is very wrong there. Also, she needs to fight as a Clan warlord threatens to destroy the Compound.

The second installment of the Blemished series is as action-packed as the first. Mina, Daniel, Angela, and Sebastian have found shelter in the Compound, but there are enemies there, too. Mina's and Daniel's powers label them as Freaks; people in the Compound are suspicious of them and keep their distance. Sebastian is regarded with contempt because he's a GEM boy. Angela, who used to be Mina's best friend, is jealous of her relationship with Daniel and turns sour towards the both of them. Someone in the Council ruling the Compound is behaving suspiciously; and another Clan tribe is marching towards the Compound, threatening war.

The main character, Mina, needs to develop her powers in order to keep her loved ones safe. She also needs to trust her father again after he abandoned her. Her relationship with Daniel evolves into something different. The love triangle is apparently over; anyway, it was clear Mina favoured Daniel over Sebastian.

The book ends in a serious cliffhanger, which would have had me biting my nails had I not been able to start reading the third book immediately.