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Shadows - Ilsa J. Bick After the events in Ashes, Alex is on the run from Rule. She wants to look for Tom, but she's soon captured by a group of Changed - teenagers turned into flesh-eating zombies - led by Wolf. Surprisingly, the Changed don't eat Alex alive, although they'd very much like to. She seems to come to an understanding with Wolf, who spares her life. In the meantime, we learn what happened to Tom. He's been rescued by an elederly couple and living with them. He wants to find Alex, even though he's led to believe she's dead. Moreover, things are happening in Rule. Chris wants to find Alex, too, while his friend Peter is taken by a group of men with evil intentions.

There are many, many point of views in Shadows. A whole lot of them; so many that I lost count. I hope you remember the characters in Ashes well, because everyone comes back and has their say. Moreover, each scene is left off on a cliffhanger, before the focus shifts somewhere else. This was extremely frustrating, and slowed down the pacing, too. Apart from that, this was a good book, although not as good as the previous one. Many things happen, but we're not provided with many answers. We still don't know why the pulse happened, what acused it, and why some were spared. We do know now what happened to Tom and Ellie, at least.

I liked this book, but the first installment of the series was much better. I have high hopes for the final book - I hope for some answers, at the very least.