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Viral Nation - Shaunta Grimes E-galley received though Netgalley for review.

After a virus killed most of the world population, what remains of the United States is fifty walled cities. The Company controls everything, after they ended the plague by bringing back a vaccine from the future. Clover Donovan, an intelligent autistic sixteen-year-old girl, lives with her older brother West after their mother died and their father practically abandoned them. Clover has been admitted into Waverley-Stead Academy, but the principal won't have her at school once he discovers she's autistic. Instead, he sends her to work for the Time Mariners, a team of people, controlled by the Company, who travel two years into the future to bring back news.

Once Clover brings back the news that West will be in trouble, the two siblings need to prevent it from happening; if West is suspected of committing a crime in the future, they will arrest and kill him before he has the chance to commit it. While hiding out from the police, they make friends with a group of orphans and start organizing a revolution.

Viral Nation is a strange mixture of dystopian and time-travel. Each citizen is required to take a dose of the vaccine every day to keep healthy; if they stop taking it, they might fall ill and die. Clover is the most interesting character; I loved both her and her love interest (I hope we'll see more of him in the next book). Clover is not limited by autism; she loves reading and running and keeps her anxiety under control, especially thanks to her dog, Mango. I also liked West, who sacrificed himself and his own aspirations in order to take care of his sister.

I don't think I've ever read a post-apocalyptic novel with time travel before. This is an original feature of this book. There's no much going on in this book, it could easily be a mess; but it doesn't.

I want to read the next book in the series *right now*. When is it coming out? Summer of 2014? Too. far. away. *sigh*