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Little Fish - Ramsey Beyer E-galley received for review through Netgalley.

Ramsey is eighteen years old and has lived all her life in the small, rural town of Paw Paw, Michigan. She loved drawing, playing in a band with her friends, and playing hockey. But her life is about to change: she has been accepted at art school and is about to move to Baltimora and start living in a big city. Ramsey chronicles her life through collages, drawings, lists, and journal entries, thus making the book sort of a graphic novel - but not quite. It certainly wasn't what I expected - I thought it would be prose.

The title comes from an observation from Ramsey's mother - she says Ramsey is going to be "a little fish in a big pong for the first time". Ramsey certainly has many new things to learn: from navigating the town public transport system to figuring out how to make new friends - something she hasn't had to do since she was a child. Luckily, she finds good friends in her new roommates and neighbours, and maybe even a love interest. Ramsey has never had a boyfriend and has never been interested in dating; she prefers having good friends to the drama of getting together and breaking up.

This was a lovely book, but I found myself sometimes glazing over Ramsey's lists. I would've prefer to read more journal entries and less lists, especially because all the lists about her home town seem to be very similar.