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So Over You

So Over You - Gwen Hayes
I really loved this book. I've read it three times already and I might read it more. It's funny and heart-warming. And yeah, I love those stories in which the main characters hate each other and then get together.

Layney Logan, girl reporter, is a senior in high school and in charge of the school paper. She's annoyed that she had to share the editor position with her nemesis, Jimmy Foster, whom she calls Lucifer, but she's willing to do what it takes to save the paper from budget cuts. The staff decides to make an all-male calendar to raise funds, and Layney is tricked by Jimmy to interview those guys by going on a blind date with each of them. So, twelve blind dates for Logan who doesn't date at all, not since she broke up with Jimmy in eight grade.

Layney is determined to be professional and get the best out of her interviews. But as she goes on, she questions if maybe Jimmy knows her better than she thought, and if he's trustworthy enough that she can tell him her big secret.

As I said, I really loved this book, especially the two main characters. They're snarky and passionate and have incredible chemistry. When they kiss in the girl's bathroom, OMG, I almost had a heart attack. This is a fun, light book, even though it gets darker when Layney finally confesses her secret, the reason why she broke up with Jimmy in the first place. Caring Jimmy is a very nice guy. I wanted to give him a good hug at the end. Hell, I might want him as my next fictional boyfriend.

I'd recommend this book if you love romance, contemporary YA, and a tough, snarky heroine who falls in love with her worst enemy.

Cover attraction: simple and cute. That's totally not how I pictured Layney to look like, by the way. In my mind, she has shorter, darker hair and looks more of a tomboy. I like this cover, anyway.