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The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1)

The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1) - Abbi Glines I expected to hate this book. I'm not sure why I actually started it. Curiosity, I guess. I had read a few very bad reviews about it. Which shows you that soemtimes bad reviews draw attention to a book as well.

Ashton is a good girl and has been Sawyer Vincents' girlfriends for three years. Once he goes out of town on vacation with his family, Ashton reconnects with Sawyer's cousin Beau. The three of them used to be best friends when they were little, but then Ashton adn beau grew apart and stopped speaking to each other. Beau is a bad boy, the son of a single mother who works as a waitress at a disreputable bar, while Sawyer comes from a good family.

Ashton is immediately attracted to Beau, even though he's dating another girl. They have sex in the back of his pick-up; it's Ashton's first time. They decide to keep their relationship a secret. But when Sawyer comes home sooner than expected, the three of them must face the truth.

The worst aspect fo this book is that it seems to glorify cheating. Ashton has had a boyfriend for three years, yet she doesn't want to have sex with him. Instead of breaking up with him, she jumps his cousin, who is also in a relationship, and starts a relationship with him behind her boyfriends' back. Just no. The language is sometimes too strong for a young adult book, and there's quite a bit of sex in it. I'm not sure this book would be suitable to actual teenagers, both for sexual situations and its questionable morals.

At the end of the book, there is also a startling revelation about the two Vincent boys. You can find it out from the title of the next book in the series, which is a big spoiler. I guess the author thought it want' very important, or she couldn't find another title.

I'm not sure I want to read the next book in the series, which is focused on Sawyer and Lana, Ashton's cousin who comes to live with her.